Human Body Electrostatic Damage

During the dry season if wearing synthetic clothes and rubber shoes on the insulating ground activities such as walking, humans can reach thousands of volts or tens of thousands of volts of static electricity. If the human body electrostatic exceed 2-3kV when people contact grounded metal will produce static electric shocks, static if the voltage is high, you will have certain impact on human mental and physical.
In addition to static electric shock to human body, a study showed that electrostatic discharge electromagnetic field strength is very strong, such strong electro-magnetic field time is short but its strength is much stronger than that of the electromagnetic field radiation from mobile phones, and discharge very many times, its role should not be neglected.
Human body electrostatic is associated with cancer, require further study. While the body's long suffering electrostatic shocks and this strong electromagnetic radiation on the human body are undesirable, so you should wear antistatic clothing and anti-static shoes, and installation of testing anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes effect detection equipment and equipment, electrostatic detection devices should be installed if the condition arises.

Everyday tips can reduce static electricity hazards to a minimum, the easiest and most effective way is to keep the humidity in the environment. With the increase of humidity, static electricity in the environment being lead away. So, you sprinkle water or flowers in the room, you can achieve the goal, of course, steam generators would be better.

Also need to be aware of is to wear cotton clothes, chemical fiber clothes are uncomfortable, is the culprit of electrostatic hazard, it is not desirable. the wide use of anti-static floor, certainly adds a lot of convenience to our lives.

This convenience is reflected in its installation, laying and maintenance is simple and quick. Will also serve to protect the cables, wires, cables and Sockets.

Secondly, anti-static flooring can eliminate cables exposed to health hazards. Enables static charge leakage to the ground, and reflect electromagnetic radiation.

Once again, anti-static flooring can make the electronics room, electronic instrument factory Assembly workshop, control rooms and other spaces to improve airflow.

Comfortable work environment to our health and environment-oriented fashion, anti-static raised floor is a good choice