Ingenious Method Of Removing Stains On ESD Flooring

  Ingenious method of removing stains on ESD Flooring

  Although ESD Flooringing can be dust-proof, but it is also regular cleaning. How to remove the stain on the ESD Flooring? Below ESD Flooring small plait to tell you!

  1. Remove dirt with candles. This method is very simple, is to take the candle core, add the equivalent of turpentine, into the cold water heating, so that the candle melts, and then stir evenly, ESD Flooring until its cooling, with a rag dipped in its wipe ESD Flooring, can be very good decontamination.

  2, with concentrated alkali water decontamination. It is understood that the general ESD Flooring contains grease and other oil traces, at this time can be boiled with concentrated alkali water to clean the line, easy and effortless.

  3, with the self-matching cleaning agent decontamination. In fact, this kind of cleaning agent is also very simple, as long as in the cauldron, soft soap, soda, water, etc., fully stir, heat, and so on after its cooling, wipe the floor, can be very good out of ESD Flooring stains.

  4, in addition, you can use salad oil, milk and other ESD Flooring stains. If the water stains drops a few drops of salad oil or milk wipe, not only easy to remove ESD Flooring stains, but also to make it bright.