Installation Of Anti-static Floor

Installation of anti-static floor

1. clean the floor;

2., seriously check the flatness of the ground and wall verticality, if found not in line with the construction requirements, to Party A's relevant departments;

Pull the horizontal line, wells will be highly with an elastic wall to install the floor, ensure after the laying of the floor in the same level, measure the length and width, and the appropriate choice of laying benchmark position to reduce floor cutting, mounting bracket on the ground up grid lines;

Adjust the mounting bracket to the desired height and place the support at the cross of the grid line on the ground;

3. fix the beam on the support with screws, and use the horizontal bar and the cross beam to make it on the same plane and perpendicular to each other. Use the suction board to place the floor on the assembled transverse beam,

4. if the wall remaining size is smaller than the length of the floor itself, you can use the method of cutting the floor to make profit;

5. edge;

6., clean up the scene, completed;


Matters needing attention

When laying the floor, level the level with the blister level and adjust the height of the floor by the support;

When the heavy equipment is placed in the engine room, the support shall be installed under the floor of the equipment base to prevent the floor deformation;

When the movable floor needs cutting, or when the hole is opened, an electric drill is used to punch 6mm- 8mm holes in the opening corner, so as to prevent the veneers from breaking.

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