Installation Of Anti-static Floor In Engine Room

Installation of anti-static floor in engine room

Electrostatic hazards:

Electrostatic is basically produced by friction, induction, electrification, capacitive electrification. Generally divided into dust, static, surface electrostatic, gas static, static electricity and so on. Static electricity through the residue on the machine, you can easily paralysis of your computer, destruction of parts, when people touch the box, there is a sense of electric shock, this is static electricity generated.

Solution of electrostatic floor in engine room:

1., each machine is connected to the ground wire (do not want to be so troublesome, then can be received in batches to see the situation.)

2. keep the humidity of the indoor air (that is, the air should not be too dry). Just do these two things

Installation steps of electrostatic floor in engine room:

The room is 7.6m long, 5.3m wide, about 40 square meters, the existing grounding copper 100m, 3X30MM, 10cm/ specifications of insulator sets, 100 sets of 8*100*400mm bus to sink, tin, lead, 1 sets of lightning protection under ground, specifications 50mm2, 1M, ground terminal specifications of 4*40*400+2000mm flat steel, 1. There are others on the static floor of the computer room, we only do lightning protection

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