Is The New Plastic Floor To Wax?

Is the new plastic floor to wax? Floor waxing you know what role? Here for a brief introduction to the purpose of the floor wax and its role!

First, the purpose and role of plastic floor waxing:

1, increase the ground finish, enhance the aesthetics;

2, to protect the ground from wear and tear, to extend the life of stone;

3, to facilitate daily cleaning and maintenance.

Second, the nature and role of wax water

1, the role of wax: wax surface, wax on the ground will produce a very strong protective film to protect the ground; surface wax will enhance the ground brightness.

2, the role of the end of the wax: plastic floor the end of the wax soft; bottom wax can seal the cracks on the floor, pores, to prevent water infiltration into the floor; bottom wax there is one of the most important use is that it can effectively face wax and ground adhesion Together, increase the adhesion of the surface wax.

Third, the use of commonly used wax water

1, high-speed polishing wax: for marble, marble, granite.

2, spray repair wax: apply to the stone surface wax surface of the daily maintenance.

3, furniture wax: for furniture, leather, office supplies and other surface maintenance.

4, sealed underground wax (sealant): for terrazzo, marble, marble, granite and other stone ground.

5, free throwing wax: for plastic flooring, wood flooring, etc., without special high-speed polishing machine high-speed polishing, single-speed machine can be used for low-speed polishing.

Fourth, the wax surface of the daily care and maintenance methods

After waxing, in the daily cleaning and maintenance process, to wax the ground after the care, in order to maintain the wax surface of the durability and brightness, otherwise, wax surface due to damage and soon be worn or lost application of gloss , plastic floor So the daily care and maintenance of wax is particularly important.

1. Ground dust: from time to time (depending on the flow of people) with dust to push the dust, remove the ground dust, sand.

2. decontamination water stains: found water stains, stains in a timely manner with a mop or towel erase.

3. High-speed jet polishing: daily or weekly (depending on the flow) with high-speed polishing machine polishing wax surface.

4. Wax surface repair: the easy to be worn parts of the cleaning (the neutral detergent by 1:50 ratio of water solution, plastic floor with a washing machine with white or red clean pad gently scrub the ground), and then by the 1- 2 layers of wax.

5, common wax surface damage reasons

(A) wax surface appears stripes reasons:

1, before the wax, run enough, wax drag dry different;

2, wax surface with fine lines or hair;

3, the wax surface is too fast, plastic floor the use of too strong hair dryer caused by the hair.

(B) wax surface brightness is not enough reason:

1, with the stone color, resulting in visual illusion;

2, waxing layer is too small;

3, waxing wax when the wax is too thick, causing the ground to lose the original luster;

4, wax towed too dirty, stains;

5, the wax is not dry on the second hit the wax.

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