Laminate Flooring Installation FAQ

1. There is a hollowing sound reason is fixed solid, mainly wool boards and keels, wool plate and the small number of nails or nail in prison, sometimes due to plate caused by moisture changes shrink or adhesive is not qualified. Therefore, strict inspection sheet moisture, adhesives and other quality procedures is particularly important. Inspection before use, installation of nails should not be too small.
2. the main causes of uneven surface is the primary rough or ground deformation due to drum. At the time of construction, application level on the keel surface leveling, if uneven wood should be adjusted. Ventilation should be done small grooves on the keel. Plate margin wall ventilation gap of 10 mm should be left. Insulation material must be dry to prevent wood from moisture after drum. Wood floor surface flatness error should be less than 1 mm.
3. seam at lax except for outside installation is not standard in the construction, plate width size error and poor quality are also important reasons.
4. local warping drums in addition to the main reasons the Board moisture deformation, but also hairy plate seam is too small or seamless, use, water pipe leaks, such as blisters due to wet floors. After the floor, brushing the floor paint film integrity, for daily use to prevent water from entering the floor lower, time to clean up the surface layer of water.