Plastic Floor And Floor Leather Distinction

Now, in the home improvement of the material is really numerous, there are about 80 kinds of light floor materials, we all know the floor with solid wood flooring, oak flooring, plastic flooring, etc., so many kinds of floor, how to choose The We talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this plastic floor today, to help you choose the type of home improvement floor.

Advantages 1 (environmental regeneration): in the ground material, the plastic floor is the only material can be recycled, which we protect the Earth's natural resources and ecological environment has great significance.

Advantages of two (touch comfort): plastic floor and foam layer after a seamless treatment, the trust is very strong, heavy glassware fell to the ground is not easy to break, pedal up the touch is very comfortable, and the carpet touch Very close, especially suitable for the elderly and children to use the place.

Advantages three (easy maintenance): the installation of plastic flooring more efficient, without the use of cement mortar, 24 hours after you can use. Easy to clean, do not need maintenance, the most important thing is not afraid of flooding, oil, dilute acid and other chemical substances erosion, only need to use wet mop sweep can be saved time and effort. There is no need to wax after installation, only the daily maintenance of the same as the new.

The advantages of four (decorative strong): a lot of plastic flooring varieties, carpet pattern, stone only pattern, wood floor pattern, etc., its lines realistic and beautiful, rich colors and bright, it is easy to cut the stitching, which can meet the designers and different And different decorative style needs, and long-term use does not fade.

Advantages of five (anti-slip good): plastic floor surface with a layer of wear-resistant layer has a non-slip performance, relative to the ordinary ground material, plastic floor in the case of water foot feeling more astringent easier slipping. Because of its non-slip, so the public safety requirements of relatively high public places such as kindergartens, hospitals and other places is the preferred ground decoration materials.

Advantages Six (antibacterial strong): plastic floor surface through a special antibacterial treatment, some excellent performance of the plastic floor surface also increased the antibacterial agent, the majority of bacteria have a strong ability to kill and inhibit the ability of bacteria to reproduce.

Advantages of seven (good fire): plastic floor B1 level fire has reached the highest standards of building materials fire, and its own will not burn and can prevent burning. For high-quality plastic flooring, if lit, the smoke will not produce harm to the human body, it will not toxic gases.

Advantages of eight (good waterproof): plastic flooring is the main component of plastic and calcium carbonate, and its high glass fiber layer to ensure the stability of the size, so not afraid of water, as long as not long-term immersion will not be damaged, Due to humidity and moldy or affected by temperature and humidity and deformation.

Relative to the advantages of plastic floor, its shortcomings or less.

The disadvantage is that the basis of the construction requirements of high; fear of cigarette butts and sharp scratches; not natural materials.