Plastic Floor Color Rich

  Plastic floor color rich, lightweight wear, pollution resistance, corrosion resistance, low prices, just appeared when all the rage, now or because of its easy installation, low prices have a certain market.There are two general market:

  First, plastic floor tiles, it is semi-rigid PVC block plastic floor, the color of both monochrome and pull flowers, are low-grade flooring, but in terms of cement, it overcomes the cold, Hard, gray, tide, ring and other shortcomings.

  Second, the plastic floor leather, it is with the substrate of the PVC sheet plastic floor, from the substrate, the middle layer and the surface wear layer composed of three parts of the floor leather than the flexibility of plastic floor tile, and has a certain sound , Insulation, Plastic floor cold effect. Floor leather is not thick, and with a long time there will be drums, rupture, scratches, corners rolled up and so on.

  Plastic plastic flooring should pay attention to its physical and chemical properties. Plastic plasticity, heat will appear after the elongation, pressure after the thinning, Plastic floor often use thinning, etc., to buy good stability, wear, easy to warp , Can be durable use of the product. Plastic floor low prices, spending much of the room is also beautify the environment, generally used in temporary housing (such as rental) or the economy is not well under the circumstances。

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