Plastic Floor Good Wear Resistance Long Service Life

Plastic flooring, flooring made of plastic material. Plastic flooring according to its use can be divided into block (or floor tiles) and coil (or floor leather) two. According to its material can be divided into hard, semi-rigid and soft (elastic) three. According to its basic raw materials can be divided into polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, polyethylene (. PE) plastic and polypropylene (PP) plastic and several.

Plastic flooring according to its use can be divided into block (or floor tiles) and coil (or floor leather) two. The main advantages of floor tiles: in the course of the use, such as local damage, can be partially replaced without affecting the appearance of the ground. But more seams, construction speed is slower. The main advantages of floor leather: laying fast, less seam. For thicker coils, they can be laid directly on the base without an adhesive. But the local damage repair inconvenience, all the replacement and waste a lot of material.

Plastic flooring according to its material can be divided into hard, semi-rigid and soft (elastic) three. Soft floor for the coil, hard floor mostly block. The 20th century, China mainly produces semi-hard floor, foreign production of flexible flooring.

Plastic flooring according to its color can be divided into two kinds of monochrome and complex color. Monochrome flooring is generally produced by the new method, the price is slightly higher, about 10 to 15 colors.

Plastic flooring according to its basic raw materials can be divided into polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, polyethylene (PE) plastic and polypropylene (PP) plastic and several. As PVC has good flame resistance and self-extinguishing, coupled with its performance can be changed by changing the amount of plasticizer and filler to change, so the current use of PVC plastic floor, the most extensive.

1. Features

The use of polymer compounds (resin as the main raw material) made of floor coverings known as plastic flooring. It has the following characteristics:

⑴ affordable: with the carpet, wood flooring, stone and ceramic ground materials compared to its relatively cheap price.

⑵ decorative effect: its variety, pattern, pattern, color, texture, shape diversity, to meet the needs of different groups of hobbies and various purposes, such as imitation of natural materials, very realistic.

⑶ both a variety of functions: a sense of comfort, a warm feeling, to insulation, noise, moisture.

⑷ construction and laying convenience, consumers can personally participate in the overall concept, selection and laying.

⑸ easy maintenance: easy to rub, easy to wash, easy to dry, good wear resistance, long service life.

2. Advantages

1, waterproof anti-skid: the surface of the special structure of high density, simulation grain / marble pattern / carpet pattern / granite and other lines, with water more astringent, non-slip, home pavement can lift the elderly and children's safety concerns. Its characteristics are stone, tiles and so unmatched.

2, super wear-resistant: ground material wear degree, depending on the surface wear-resistant layer of material and thickness, not just look at the total thickness of the floor tiles. Pvc floor surface covered 0.2-0.8mm thickness polymer special material, high wear resistance, for the same product in the longest life. Comparison of composite wood flooring on a thin layer of transparent film or ceramic tile on a layer of glaze, it is too much.

3, light weight: the weight after construction. Lighter than the weight of the construction of wood flooring 10 times lighter than the weight of construction after the tile 20 times lighter than the weight of stone construction after 25 times the weight of the most suitable for more than three high buildings, office buildings and other practical. Reduce the weight of its building, safe and secure, and easy handling.

4, construction convenience: no cement and sand, do not need to move wood, special mortar paving, fast and easy. Product variety, a version of rock, gravel, marble and wood and other series, free match, save time and effort, a OK. Good flexibility: special elastic structure, impact resistance, and the foot feel appropriate for the family to provide the highest guarantee of daily life.

5, thermal conductivity is good: heat just a few minutes, heat uniform, no stone, tiles of cold feeling, winter barefoot, not afraid.

6, easy maintenance: usually with water mop scrub can, in case of stains, wipe with an eraser or thin rub can be clean.

7, green: non-toxic harmless, the human body, the environment no side effects, and does not contain radioactive elements, the best ground building materials.

8, fire retardant: fire test, leave the fire that is automatically extinguished, safe and secure life.

9, Naisuan Jian: through the professional instructions test. Moisture, insects, not afraid of corrosion.

3. Maintenance

1, plastic flooring factory will play a layer of wax to protect the floor in the long-distance transport and installation process of wear and tear. After the floor is installed can not immediately waxing, because the wax layer will be closed between the floor and the floor of the gap, making the floor below the glue can not breathe and solidification caused by decreased adhesion. The correct way is to wait for the floor to dry for about a period of time after about 24 hours, depending on the weather conditions.

2, before waxing the best items will be empty items, can not move the furniture except for cleaning, the specific method for the use of neutral detergent watered wet floor, the flooring on the floating layer, the area is relatively large and polluted You can consider using a multi-function cleaning machine and matching disc cleaning. After cleaning the floor with water to clean water 1-2 times or dry water or natural dry, pay attention to the use of vacuum (water) machine can not have water, and very fast. The floor can be carried out after the waxing treatment, waxing is a kind of wax is a wax at the end of wax, the role of the end of the wax is closed the gap and the pores of the dry surface is not very bright, It is bright.

3, it is recommended to use the first use of a wax at the end of wax twice. Interval of 2 hours or a layer of wax layer dry. In addition, the requirements are very bright can be made more than 2 times the wax and then mechanical polishing. After the use of the floor for some time after the wax layer will be contaminated when the pollution is serious when this time need to remove the wax treatment. The specific method is to use wax water in proportion to the warm water after the wet board for several minutes after the use of push water tank to remove the wax layer, dry water, it is recommended with a multi-function cleaning machine with a disc to remove the wax layer. Remove the wax layer after repeated cleaning and waxing process.