Plastic Flooring According To Its Material Can Be Divided Into Hard

  Plastic flooring According to its use status can be divided into block material and roll material two. The main advantages of floor tiles: In the use of the process, such as local damage, can be replaced locally without affecting the appearance of the entire ground. But the seams are more, the construction speed is slow. The main advantages of floor are: fast laying speed and less seams. For thicker rolls, the adhesive can be used directly on the base. But local damage repair inconvenience, replace and waste a lot of material.

  Plastic flooring According to its material can be divided into hard, semi-rigid and soft (elastic) three kinds. The soft texture plate is the coil material, the hard floor is the block material. 20th century, China mainly produces semi-rigid flooring, many foreign production of flexible flooring.

  Plastic flooring According to its color can be divided into monochrome and double color. Monochrome floor is generally used in new law production, the price is slightly higher, about $number kinds of color.

  Plastic flooring According to its basic raw materials can be divided into PVC (PVC) plastic, polyethylene (PE) plastic and polypropylene (PP) plastic and several other. Because PVC has a good flammability and self quenching, plus its performance can be changed by the addition of plasticizers and fillers, so, PVC plastic flooring is the most widely used surface.

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