Plastic Flooring Is Another Name For PVC Flooring

Plastic flooring is another name for PVC flooring. The main ingredients for the PVC material, PVC flooring can be made of two, one is homogeneous through the heart, that is, from the bottom to the surface of the pattern material are the same. There is also a compound type, that is, the top layer is pure PVC transparent layer, the following plus the printing layer and foam layer. "Plastic floor" refers to the use of PVC material produced by the floor. PVC flooring because of its rich colors, diverse colors and is widely used in all aspects of home and business.

The plastic floor is a wide appellation. There are a variety of statements on the network, it should be said is not very accurate, the plastic floor is a very popular in the world today, a new type of lightweight ground decoration materials, also known as "light body material."

Is a popular in Europe and the United States and Asia, Japan and South Korea's popular products, popular in foreign countries, from the early 80s began to enter the Chinese market, has been in the domestic large and medium-sized cities have been widely recognized, widely used, such as indoor families, hospitals , Schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, commercial, sports venues and other places.

Plastic floor profile Description:

"Plastic floor" is specifically refers to the use of polyurethane (also known as PU) material production of the floor, this floor is suitable for outdoor sports venues laying, playground use. Because there are harmful substances released, generally not used for indoor sports venues. For example: we should know the outdoor stadium plastic runway. But now the domestic "plastic floor" the word is completely the opposite, we often referred to the "plastic floor" refers to the PVC floor in the room. That first explain what is the PVC floor.


"PVC floor" refers to the use of PVC material produced by the floor. Specifically, polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, coloring agent and other accessories, in the continuous film on the substrate, the coating process or by rolling, extrusion or extrusion Produced by the process. In the case of

(1) from the shape is divided into two kinds of membrane floor and sheet flooring; the so-called membrane floor is a soft texture of a volume of a volume of the floor, the general width of 1.5 meters, 1.83 meters, 2 meters , 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, etc., each volume length of 7.5 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters, the total thickness of 1.6mm-3.2mm (commercial flooring, sports floor thicker Up to 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, etc.). Sheet flooring specifications are more, mainly divided into strip and square material.

(2) from the structural points are mainly complex and homogeneous body type 2, in addition to a semi-homogeneous body type; the so-called composite PVC floor is that it is a multi-layer structure, the composite type of material is generally from 4 to 5 layers of laminated structure, generally wear-resistant layer (including UV treatment), printing film, glass fiber layer, elastic foam layer, grass-roots level. Composite sheet is generally laminated from the 3-4 layer structure, generally wear-resistant layer (including UV treatment), printing film, stable layer, grass-roots level. Homogeneous body PVC floor, whether it is a membrane or sheet, are the same from top to bottom, that is, from the surface in the end, from top to bottom, are the same material, the same color.