Plastic Flooring Maintenance Recommendations

  Plastic Flooring Maintenance Recommendations

  1, the plastic floor before the factory will be a layer of wax to protect the floor in long-distance transportation and installation process wear. After the installation of the floor can not immediately waxing, because the wax layer will be closed floor and floor between the gap, so that the floor under the glue can not be breathable and solidification caused by the decline in adhesion. The correct way is to wait for the floor to dry for some time after about 24 hours,Plastic Floor depending on the weather conditions.

  2, waxing the best before the indoor items are emptied, can not move the furniture except for cleaning treatment, the specific method for the use of neutral cleaning agent wet support floor, the floor of the floating layer to clear,Plastic Floor area than larger and serious pollution can consider the use of multi-functional cleaning machine and the matching disc cleaning. The floor will be clean after water 1-2 times to suck dry water or natural cool dry, pay attention to the use of dust (suction) machine can not have water, and fast. The floor can be done after the waxing treatment, waxing 2 kind is the bottom wax is a surface wax, the role of the bottom wax is to close the gap between the floor and pores of its dry surface is not very bright, surface wax will be brighter.

  3, it is recommended that the first use of wax two times wax. The interval is 2 hours or a layer of wax layer dry. In addition, the requirements of the very bright can be played 2 times more than the surface wax and then mechanical polishing treatment. When the floor is used for a period of time, the wax layer will be polluted when the pollution is serious,Plastic Floor it needs wax removal. The specific method is to use the wax water in proportion to the wet support floor after a few minutes after the use of water pusher to remove the wax layer, suction dry moisture, it is recommended to use a multi-functional cleaning machine with the disc to remove the wax layer. Remove wax layer After repeated cleaning and waxing process.

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