PVC Floor Drums For What The Reasons

  PVC floor drums for what the reasons

  PVC floor roll bag problem is the current PVC floor construction and use of the most prone to problems, most people first look for the floor ... ...

  First, under what circumstances may be the floor problem - the integrity of the new PVC floor tile in a smooth, smooth, clean, dry ground (not scraping); ambient temperature maintained at 20 ℃ -38 ℃, air relative humidity More than 75%; time more than 24 hours - the floor what is the problem, what is the problem.

  Second, the pavement of the floor drums, the reasons are generally looking for ground foundation; auxiliary materials selection; construction of the climate, temperature; construction process, details; use links and so on.

  (Water content of> 3%); self-leveling package, self-leveling did not do a good job, self-leveling gray serious, glue is not right, when the construction is not good, the ground is not good; Low temperature (temperature below 13 ℃), the construction of large humidity (> 75%), dry glue time is not right, the floor exhaust is not in place, just paste on the welding (glue uncured), under the floor of water infiltration and so on.

  Frequently Asked Questions 1: The ground is not dry

  Basic ground requirements dry, moisture content ≤ 3% - otherwise self-leveling and the floor are very likely to drum package.

  Frequently Asked Questions 2: Self-leveling is not dry

  Online circulation: self-leveling generally 24 to 48 hours to do a good job, you can carry the PVC floor pavement - it is not practical, irresponsible - self-leveling must be dry (moisture content ≤ 3%); Flat not dry, PVC floor in the future must package.

  Frequently Asked Questions 3: Self-leveling tion is serious

  Due to the basic ground problems; or self-leveling quality problems; or construction links; or temperature, climate problems, etc., appear self-leveling gray serious, and finally lead to PVC floor simply did not stick to the ground.

  Frequently Asked Questions 4: Choices are wrong

  Auxiliary materials in the construction of PVC floor is essential - different technology, different specifications, different structures of PVC flooring on the requirements of auxiliary materials are not the same; different use of places, different sites and the environment, different seasons and climate requirements of auxiliary materials It is not the same - very few people take this seriously.

  Such as glue - now people popular use of a called "sheet glue" glue, this glue professionals call it "fool glue" - PVC flooring accessories field leader, rigorous German "dare not put This is called 'glue'.

  Frequently Asked Questions 5: Low temperature

  Pavement PVC floor must ensure a reasonable ambient temperature, the general requirements of the temperature maintained at 20 ℃ -35 ℃, less than 15 ℃ must be careful construction; less than 5 ℃ forbidden construction.

  Frequently Asked Questions 6: Air humidity is large

  Requires air relative humidity between 20% -75%, more than 75% should not be paved PVC floor.

  Frequently Asked Questions 7: Drying time is unreasonable

  Different glue, different floors, different ground, different environments, etc. - dry time is not the same - the need for paving the master of professionalism, experience, responsibility, professionalism and so on.

  Frequently Asked Questions 8: Exhaust is not in place

  PVC floor pavement after the exhaust need to be timely, intentions, patience, hard, meticulous, comprehensive and so on.

  Frequently Asked Questions 9: Not Compaction

  PVC floor after the glue, the general requirements in about 2 hours and then at least 50 kg of pressure roller full pressure again; special circumstances must also take more effective measures.

  Frequently Asked Questions 10: Welded too early

  PVC to plastic pavement, the general requirements of 24 hours after welding - welding too early, there may be welding upside down the phenomenon of arch.

  PVC geothermal welding line at the drum

  Frequently Asked Questions 11: Foundations are cracks

  Ground foundation cracks, will cause self-leveling drums, and then the floor drum package.

  Frequently Asked Questions Twelve: Use links

  PVC floor can not be a long time sun, rain, blisters and so on.

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