PVC Floor Flame Retardancy And Wear Resistance

PVC flooring has many advantages unknown abroad, is regarded as the most promising alternative to traditional ground material. According to the different application places, product performance differently, for example PVC flooring home improvement pay more attention to its safety and environmental performance, comfort and exceptional environmental performance, while "commercial PVC floor" more focused on durability, economy, cleaning and maintenance performance. Safety and environmental protection features include: formaldehyde, skid resistance, insect resistance against mildew, fire resistance, and impact resistance properties; comfort features include: sound-absorbing noise, sense, easy to clean, stain-resistant, easy disassembly to facilitate special environmental performance include: warm environments (thermal properties, dimensional stability, heat release of formaldehyde, etc).
Next, we'll explain some of the commonly known in the three misunderstandings;
1, flame retardant is not not burn:
Some customers want to take a lighter to burn PVC flooring to see if I can burn up, as long as fuel is not fire, firing it is flame retardant, it is actually right, national standards for PVC floor fire rating requirements up to Bf1-t0 level, and reached the national standard fire grade of non-combustible materials stone, tile, and more. Bf1-t0 flame retardant standard technology includes level is a cotton ball 10 mm in diameter, dipped in alcohol, placed in PVC flooring natural burning, as the cotton burns away, measuring the diameter of traces of burning PVC flooring, if less than 50 mm, is Bf1-t0 level flammability standards, rather than burn not burn.
2, wear-resistant is not marked with the tool will not scratch:
Some customers ask about the life and resistance of PVC flooring, easily took out a knife or a key weapon, PVC floor surface you want to go, when there are scratches that are not wearable. Wrong state on wear resistance of PVC floor testing is not simply with a sharp object at the surface, with a flat circular disc, pressure grinding test with 1Kg floor, rotating grinding after the turn, wear-resistant layer on the surface of the floor is worn out grass-roots revolution. The node's revolution is an index for evaluating abrasion resistance of PVC floor. Floor number national minimum standards at 1500 rpm. PVC floor wear resistance is determined by national testing agency.
3, smell the smell of "not environmentally friendly:
PVC material is in itself does not contain formaldehyde, PVC floors also does not allow the use of formaldehyde in the production process, because qualified PVC flooring should be hundred percent free formaldehyde may smell of aromatics and additives, but will not cause any harm to people, not to make people feel uncomfortable.