PVC Floor Waterproof The Best Validation

  PVC floor waterproof the best validation

  We often say that PVC floor waterproof, non-slip, but not necessarily make people feel at home. PVC floor waterproof, non-slip the best verification, in fact, there are on the bus.

  The weather is dry, the bus on the floor of the anti-skid effect of how strong, we can feel when the driver turns around the foot to provide the power of how much. This non-slip force is quite secure.

  Most people just began to understand the PVC floor of the customer do not know, PVC floor is still anti-skid when the water is still.

  Customers on the PVC floor of the first impression is mostly flat, clean, may not believe me this introduction. We understand this in three points:

  1, ordinary non-slip floor through the rough surface to provide anti-skid;

  2, PVC flooring to glial, non-hydrophilic, elastic characteristics of the formation of non-slip force;

  3, PVC floor surface treatment to improve the flatness, compactness, more resistant to wear and tear, but does not affect its anti-skid performance.

  PVC flooring this feature is the best verification or in the bus.

  Now the bus is basically PVC flooring, if the soles gently slide on the floor, you know the PVC floor surface is smooth rather than rough. (Corundum PVC floor surface will have a rough feeling, it is reinforced with corundum floor, anti - skid quite excellent and also dirty, can be used for kitchen and other ointment and more areas, some subway will use carborundum PVC floor.

  This shows that PVC floor non-slip performance is not from the surface.

  In the rain, the bus floor is certainly wet, there are two facts can also prove that PVC floor performance characteristics.

  1, after the rain does not change the PVC floor material properties

  PVC flooring is basically not affected by the water, the rainy day the ground is wet, but the PVC floor color, shape will not be changed.

  2, "rainy days when the station does not need to worry about bus slip"

  Rainy days the whole bus ground is certainly wet, but who will worry about when the car floor will not slip it? If not holding the umbrella is not convenient, with the sunny when no big difference.

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