PVC Plastic Floor Material Selection Knowledge

  PVC plastic floor material selection knowledge

  PVC plastic flooring is a new type of floor decoration material which is resistant to antibacterial, environmental protection, comfortable, non-slip, abrasion, easy construction and easy maintenance. It has been applied to schools, office, business, medical, sports, factory, home And other fields.

  1. What is plastic floor (pvc floor)? What materials are formed?

  A: PVC flooring is semi-rigid polyvinyl chloride flooring, based on PVC resin, composed of PVC resin, calcium carbonate, pigment, dye, surface treatment agent. The

  2. Is the plastic flooring green product?

  A: Yes green product. By the relevant departments of the state testing, non-toxic, pollution-free, formaldehyde content of "zero", many indicators have reached or even higher than the relevant international standards, is China's building materials circulation Association to promote the use of green building materials, the indoor environment professional committee as " Ten safety standards floor. " The

  3. Plastic floor looks almost with the floor leather, what is the difference between the two?

  A: floor leather is a common soft plastic floor, only two layers of plastic, no wear-resistant layer, easy to aging deformation, heavy material pressure will form an irreversible indentation, easy to static and not fire. Plastic floor, the main material for the PVC resin, and the composite floor is composed of five layers of wear-resistant structure, after a special process, with heat, moisture is not deformed, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, mute, wear, fire retardant Etc.

  4. Plastic flooring and tiles, stone compared to what advantages?

  A: First of all, the tiles, stone is a very hard material, and the surface is smooth, which inevitably caused when walking feet feel stiff, the ground is easy to slip the water, causing damage. The plastic floor because of the advantages of their own materials, both with the strength of stone and organic materials, soft, people feel very comfortable when walking foot, at the same time with "more watery astringent" features, even if accidentally fell, but also Will not hurt the body.

  5. What are the advantages of plastic flooring compared to wood flooring?

  A: solid wood flooring expensive, very vulnerable after deformation, dry and easy to crack, shrink, so that the joints become larger. At the same time, solid wood flooring such as improper maintenance, will cause mildew, insects. In contrast, Bejaqu floor has more excellent performance, not because of heat, moisture and expansion, deformation, and corrosion, moth ability is very strong, and maintenance is particularly simple

  6. Is the plastic floor strong and durable?

  A: plastic floor against the very good. Wear resistance is that we are very concerned about the issue, composite plastic flooring surface UV wear-resistant coating, the use of the process through the photochemical reaction, product wear resistance will increase with the use of time and increased. UV layer absorbs ultraviolet light, so that the floor printing layer will not change color, while greatly slowing down the aging of the product to extend the service life. In addition to the printing layer above the wear-resistant layer is very hard, wear and tear are more than 30,000 turn, is a permanent wear-resistant floor.