Reasons And Prevention Of Unevenness Of Plastic Floor Pavement

Some households in the room decoration, the floor with plastic flooring, paved, and found the surface flatness is poor, visual surface was wavy. The cause of this phenomenon, mainly in the construction did not pay attention to the following:

First, the plastic floor pavement is not flat reasons:

1, the base surface roughness is poor, there are uneven phenomenon.

2, the operator in the Tu scraping adhesive, the gesture has the severity, so that the coated scraping adhesive has obvious wavy shape.

In the paste plastic floor, the adhesive within the thinner has been volatile, colloidal poor mobility, paste is not easy to smooth, so that the surface was wavy.

Second, to prevent this quality problem, must be done:

1, strictly control the surface roughness of the paste, the concavity is greater than 10mm surface to be flattened.

2, the use of tooth-shaped scraper coated with adhesive, so that the thickness of the adhesive layer is thin and uniform. Xu scraping, the grass-roots and plastic plate paste surface coating scraping the direction should be cross-section, so that the surface layer paving, the adhesive layer of the adhesive layer evenly.

3, the construction temperature should be controlled at 15 ~ 3O degrees, the relative humidity should not be higher than 7O%.

The basic knowledge of plastic floor purchase

Plastic flooring has two kinds of polyvinyl chloride sheet flooring and PVC bulk floor.

Polyvinyl chloride coil flooring is based on polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding appropriate additives, in the sheet-like continuous substrate, the coating process produced by the base material with the foamed PVC coil Flooring and the substrate with dense polyvinyl chloride coil floor two, the width of 1800mm, 2000mm, each roll length 20mm, 30mm, the total thickness of 1.5mm, 2mm. PVC floor flooring suitable for the laying of the living room, bedroom floor (mid-range decoration), selection should choose excellent products or first-class goods.

The floor area required for the floor can be calculated by multiplying the laying area by 1.10. If the width of the web is exactly the width of the room, you can consider a 2% loss. Coil flooring can be retail, how much to buy the number of inscriptions should be careful planning, to avoid waste.

Polyvinyl chloride block flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, coloring agent and other auxiliary materials, by rolling, extrusion or extrusion process, And homogeneous composite two. Its specifications are 300mm × 300mm, thickness 1.5mm. Each floor area of 0.09, block floor loss rate of 2%.

Coil floor is the wear-resistant layer rolled out on the die for packaging, the application of corrugated box packaging. In each package or box should be marked on the name, production plant name, production date, batch number, grade, color, quantity, weight and so on. In the transport process shall not be affected, sun, rain. Indoor storage of air to flow, dry, from the heat source shall not be less than 1m. The floor of the web should be stacked upright.

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