Resulting In ESD Flooring Cracking, Shelling Reasons

  Resulting in ESD Flooring cracking, shelling reasons

  For ESD Flooring, I believe we all understand, it anti-static, wear and other effects are very good, generally in the room can see its shadow everywhere. However, ESD Flooring for a long time in the use of the engine room, and occasionally there will be cracking, from the shell, how is this one thing? Follow Xiaobian to see it!

  1, due to the temperature of the engine room, most of the environment does not meet the standard requirements, especially in winter, after heating, the environment is too dry, simply not meet the national standard, it will cause ESD Flooring cracking, shell, And even lead to ESD Flooring can not release static electricity.

  2, because the ESD Flooring is used HPL trichloramine anti-static veneer, this veneer in the case of dry environment is easy to accelerate the contraction, resulting in cracking, from the shell. So must all-round consideration, choose a reasonable ESD Flooring veneer.

  The above is the cause of ESD Flooring cracking, from the shell of the reasons, only for everyone to share, we hope that a lot of attention, the installation of ESD Flooring need to pay attention to what, encountered such a situation, we must find a way to repair, so as not to crack, Bring bad influence.