Safety Flooring From Six Aspects To Ensure Consumer Safety

Experts believe that the quality of wood flooring products can be perceived because of the quality difference is far less than the quality of the test can be different, so some irresponsible production and operators to reduce product quality indicators of the way to cut corners, the production of substandard flooring products, these Flooring products are sold through the operator. Due to the existence of the interests of the drive, making inferior floors in all aspects can be found foothold. Industry experts to remind consumers, should be from six aspects to ensure consumer safety.

1. It is recommended to purchase more than 60 yuan per square meter of products

Authoritative analysis: the recent strengthening of wood flooring production costs of raw materials is increasing, so in the normal operation of the case, the comprehensive product costs, operating costs, installation services and accessories costs and other factors, it is recommended that consumers buy the normal price per square meter More than 60 yuan of laminate flooring. One-sided pursuit of low prices so that fake and shoddy products take the opportunity to enter the market, endangering consumers. Recommended consumers to buy the normal price of the product.

2. The quality of accessories and accessories is as important as the floor

Authoritative analysis: Compared with the floor itself, accessories and accessories (such as: skirting board, buckle, mats, glue, etc.) accounted for a small proportion of low prices, the role easily overlooked. Experts, accessories and accessories directly affect the quality of the quality of the floor pavement, the overall effect, service life and comprehensive prices. Therefore, the proposed consumer in the purchase of flooring products to pay special attention to the quality of the accessories and accessories, and try to buy accessories and accessories with the floor brand.

3. Installation quality can not be ignored

Authoritative analysis: floor installation is a very professional work, the installation staff must be specially trained, according to the scientific installation specifications for pavement. It is recommended that consumers choose a floor brand that can provide professional installation services. At the same time pay attention to pre-sale service, the warranty period from the installation date, the period of at least one year.

4. Note the test report

Authoritative analysis: According to the national wood-based panel quality supervision and inspection center of the experts, strengthen the wood flooring products with some physical and mechanical properties other than the function, enrich the product personality, but also opened the product grade. It should be noted that the production of such functional products manufacturers, the product should be the mechanism of action, safety, duration of efficacy and design principles to publicize. Some of the functional floor of the effect, there is no national standard to be standardized, the enterprise self-reference standards are not the same, so to the effectiveness of judgment to bring some difficulties.

At present, a considerable part of the special function of the enhanced wood flooring products, its special features can only play a supporting role, consumers can not rely too much on this or casually credible. Recommended consumers to buy special features of the enhanced wood flooring products, we should pay attention to understand the reliability of the use of technology manufacturers, and whether the relevant departments have been recognized. At the same time to ask the authority of the authority of the test report.

5. Buy reputable brand floor

Authoritative analysis: According to the China Forestry Industry Association, the person in charge, in view of the current strengthening of wood flooring products on the market and the phenomenon of good and bad, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, it is recommended that consumers according to their needs and economic capacity to choose their own Product, must not seek cheap. To choose a brand, reputable products, especially in recent years, the national sampling of qualified brands. To measure the quality of flooring products and services is excellent, but also depends on the relevant business certification, such as quality management on the adoption of ISO9001 certification, environmental protection, whether through the ISO14001 and China's environmental labeling product certification, such products after-sales service and product quality Guaranteed.

6. To safeguard their own interests

Authoritative analysis: to maintain their own interests should do the following: 1. Signed sales and installation services with a clear contract, the contents to include product quality, installation acceptance terms, warranty and warranty terms; May accurately store the record with the manufacturers of records and problems of the product; 3. Note for the product warranty card, certificate of competency, sales invoices; 4. Consumers of the products purchased in doubt when the national quality control of wood-based panel inspection The center of the detection and identification; 5. If consumer disputes can be complaints to consumers at all levels of the Association, found that fake and selling clues to the national administrative law enforcement agencies to report.

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