Safety FlooringHow To Buy

There are four common flooring: solid wood flooring, parquet, laminate flooring and bamboo flooring. Recently concerned about the safety of the floor, mainly refers to those who exceeded the formaldehyde emission reduction of the composite floor. How to choose a safe floor?

The quality of the floor on the market uneven, how to buy safe and reliable and durable floor, a time for consumers to pains, the Internet also came a simple method of formaldehyde: "take a small sample, go home in the water soak 3-5 minutes, smell a smell of no irritation. Good floor due to lower formaldehyde release, generally do not smell the pungent smell. Once you smell the more exciting smell, and even the eyes feel uncomfortable, the basic Found that the floor of formaldehyde exceeded.

This method is reliable? Formaldehyde method is reliable? Experts said that there are certain basis but the test results are not reliable. "Formaldehyde dissolved in water, its aqueous solution is formalin." Gan Chao explained that formalin will be exudes a pungent odor, formaldehyde over the floor of the floor soaked in boiling water is a stimulating smell. But this test method is very rough, irritating odor may not represent the floor of formaldehyde exceeded, may be the kind of floor formaldehyde emission below the critical value, is still qualified,

Formaldehyde GB inspection shall be carried out under the specified conditions, the procedures, tools, environmental conditions and inspection personnel and other demanding. Such as formaldehyde test extraction method, dryer method, the public self-test is unlikely to meet these conditions, with the online legend of the detection method is also difficult to play a reference role.

Strengthen the composite floor is generally composed of four layers, the floor surface is wear-resistant layer, mainly composed of aluminum oxide, has a strong wear resistance and hardness. Followed by a decorative layer, which is a layer of paper impregnated with melamine resin. There is a grass-roots level, the main structure is high-density fiberboard, the high temperature, high pressure and gluing treatment. Finally, the balance layer, it is a layer of kraft paper, have a certain strength and thickness, and dipped in resin, play a role in moisture deformation of the floor. Solid wood composite board to plywood as the substrate, the board will be bonded together.

Strengthen the floor and solid wood flooring through the adhesive bonding, will produce formaldehyde, less adhesive, the floor drain performance is poor; more formaldehyde, the higher the bonding fastness, the floor containing formaldehyde itself is inevitable. "The production of floor is commonly used in urea formaldehyde and phenolic plastic, phenolic formaldehyde content is low, but the price is high." Production enterprises used in the quality of the glue is uneven, poor quality glue will produce formaldehyde emission exceeding the standard floor.

How to choose the safety of the public floor? Gan Chao said, should not be excessive pursuit of high standards, select E1-class products, enough. Wood flooring brand on the market so many people dazzling, three no products everywhere. Consumers buy as much as possible to find the market well-known, brand ring of the floor. Formal flooring products are printed or marked with a clear Chinese logo, such as the name of the manufacturer, the site, the implementation of standard number, product name, specifications, timber name, grade, quantity and batch number, etc .; no more relevant Information can be identified as inferior flooring or three no floor, the "poison" is more likely.

The public in the purchase can also let the seller to produce the recent floor test report, to see whether the report is approved by the state authorized legal authority issued by the agency; also see the report of the product batches and their purchase is not the same Batch.

Resulting in home decoration indoor air pollution is often not only a single material caused by excessive formaldehyde. Refining process paint, paint, furniture and so may contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and sometimes a single product formaldehyde content is not exceeded, but the house qualified products with much more, the cumulative amount will be exceeded. Citizens concerned about the environmental indicators of individual materials at the same time, we should also pay attention to the use of home decoration materials, formaldehyde superposition of indoor air pollution.