Several Misunderstandings Of PVC Floor

Plastic flooring matters - vigilance - little common sense articles: the PVC floor is the plastic floor, no fire, PVC floor odor, not environmentally friendly, PVC floor, the dimensional stability of wood flooring and strengthen the floor, not suitable for use on the warm three Answer the question.

1, PVC floor is plastic floor, no fire.

A: PVC floor of the main raw material is polyvinyl chloride and additives, after rigorous processing. And through the national fire detection level (PVC floor for the B1 level), is a real fire material.

2, PVC floor smell, not environmentally friendly.

A: PVC floor of the formaldehyde emission in a variety of ground materials in the lowest, and through the national toxic and harmful detection.

Formaldehyde release:

Release (mg / L) on the human body;

0.5-1.5 effects of the human nervous system;

1.5-2.0 eye itching, insomnia, etc .;

2.0-30 effect of trachea and lungs;

30-100 emphysema, pneumonia, other inflammation;

More than 100 deaths.

Test results: Strengthen the floor in the 1.5, composite floor 2.7, PVC floor is not detected.

3, PVC floor, the dimensional stability of wood flooring and laminate flooring, not suitable for use on the warm.

A: PVC flooring through a special treatment process to make it, the product size stability is excellent, suitable for thermal expansion and contraction of the ground, even if the use of the floor in the larger moisture, it will not be deformed, to maintain the status quo The So, PVC floor is the most suitable floor for warm.

Heating Damp Deformation: After heating for 6 hours with boiling water, keep at room temperature for 30 minutes. Experimental results: PVC floor no change, composite floor deformation, stratification.

Stability: After placing the floor in an oven at 80 ° C for 6 hours, remove it at normal temperature for 1 hour and measure the longitudinal transverse rate of change (%) of the test sample. The results showed that the vertical change rate of the floor was 0.08% and the transverse direction was 0.06%. The reinforced flooring was 0.36% and 0.28%

4, PVC flooring and tiles, stone compared to what advantages?

A: First of all, the tiles, stone is a very hard material, and the surface is smooth, which inevitably cause walking foot feel stiff, the ground is easy to slip the water, causing damage. The PVC flooring because of the advantages of their own materials, both with the strength of the stone and organic materials, soft, all called "flexible floor", people walking very comfortable foot feeling, at the same time with "water more astringent" features , Even if accidentally fell, it will not hurt the body. More suitable for the elderly and children's place.

5, PVC floor is not green products?

A: Yes green product. The relevant departments of the state testing, non-toxic, pollution-free, formaldehyde content of "zero", is China's building materials circulation Association to promote the use of green building materials.

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