Technical Requirements For Anti-static Floor

Technical requirements for anti-static floor

Anti-static floor

(1): clean up the ground base ground should be smooth, no obvious rough with the shovel eradication debris on the ground, and clean.

(2) positioning and laying out: according to the flat size of the room and the layout of the equipment, according to the modulus of the movable plate, the laying scheme and the reasonable laying method are formulated.

Above all, the laying method is determined, necessary to find, set square, lattice, positioning line work, which need to frame line standard bomb on the ground, and the elevation line standard bomb in the walls, in order to facilitate the construction of operation control.

(3) fixed and adjustable bracket beam: grid according to the indoor location around the wall along the elevation of the line of control and play the grass on the ground has good elastic mounted adjustable bracket, and frame beam, with a small line and level adjustment to the full height of bearing high room. Each nut on the floor support shall be screwed down after leveling so as to form a network support.

(4) the laying of floor laying activities and plate height adjustment, ensure smooth and tight contact angle of four floor, incompatible with the module, the insufficient part according to the actual size of the cut (cutting insert floor to fine), and equipped with the corresponding adjustable bracket and beam.

(5) anti static grounding: after the installation of movable floor, the ground connection shall be carried out, and the technical performance shall comply with the design requirements and construction acceptance specifications.

Anti-static floor

A. base surface treatment B, brushing sealing primer, C laying copper wire, cutting groove D, scraping coated conductive middle layer paint

PVC electric floor

A, surface (ground); B, a scraping self leveling cement leveling; C, D, brushing the conductive adhesive; laying copper foil into mesh arrangement;

E, F, PVC on the floor; the floor seams V "notch; G plastic welding, brazing seam were h and I; surface cleaning;, anti-static wax.

Antistatic flooring installation, preparation and inspection methods

1 anti-static flooring installation project management system is responsible for the construction of the project, the installation schedule, the completion time can be agreed.

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