The Difference Between Plastic Flooring And Other Flooring

  The difference between plastic flooring and other flooring

  In this also give you analysis about everyone often confused "PVC floor, plastic floor, stone floor, rubber floor, linen floor, anti-static floor," the relationship between the differences and differences.

  ◆ "stone floor" is a domestic name, said the PVC sheet flooring, because PVC sheet flooring main raw material is natural stone powder and natural resin, so called "stone floor" or "stone floor tiles" The

  ◆ We just said, "plastic floor" and "PVC plastic floor" are actually not standardized name, we can understand it as PVC floor.

  ◆ rubber flooring and PVC flooring is completely two concepts, rubber flooring is made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other ingredients made of polymer materials. Natural rubber refers to the artificially cultivated rubber tree to take down the rubber. Styrene butadiene, high benzene, butadiene rubber for the synthetic rubber, is attached to the oil products. Rubber as the main raw material production is divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous relief surface, smooth room with rubber flooring. Homogeneous rubber flooring refers to the natural rubber or synthetic rubber-based, color, consistent with a single or multi-layer structure of the vulcanization of the floor; non-homogeneous rubber flooring: refers to the floor to natural rubber or synthetic rubber-based, structural Which comprises a wear layer and other compaction layers which are different in composition and / or design, and the compaction layer comprises a skeleton layer.

  Rubber flooring is generally used for wear-resistant performance requirements of high places, due to high prices, the market is not too big. In the country is also mainly used in the field of transportation, such as subway, aircraft, cars and other means of transport, airports, railway stations and other transportation hub.

  Flax flooring and PVC flooring is also completely different, linen flooring is a kind of elastic material, its composition is: linseed oil, limestone, cork, wood flour, natural resin, jute. Natural environmental protection is the most prominent feature of flax flooring, with good resistance to cigarette butts. Linen to the main membrane, is a single homogeneous heart structure.

  ◆ anti-static floor, also known as the dissipation of static floor. This floor, when it is grounded or connected to any lower potential, allows the charge to dissipate, characterized by a resistance between 1.0x104-108Ω. Anti-static floor, anti-static floor, aluminum anti-static floor, imitation imported wood anti-static flooring, PVC anti-static flooring, anti-static flooring, anti- Calcium sulfate anti-static floor, which belongs to the category of PVC flooring is anti-static PVC flooring.

  "Anti-static PVC floor" is in the PVC floor components added conductive material made of anti-static floor. But this is not simply add some toner can be, anti-static floor in the resistance value has a strict distinction. The general resistance in the 106 to 108 times between the floor of the floor is called anti-static floor, the resistance in the 104 to 106 times between the called conductive floor. Anti-static floor is mainly used for the engine room, special wards, precision workshops and some special requirements for static space. So that anti-static PVC flooring is a PVC floor. But the rubber floor to join some conductive components can also be anti-static.

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