The Harm Caused By Static Electricity In The Industrial Production Of What?

In daily life, we often come across static electricity, dry and windy season, clothes off when I go to sleep, get up in the morning when I comb my hair, often heard "popping" sound may have metal products also will feel the shock, this is the body of static electricity. Are not static electricity static electricity was temporarily stuck in a macro. When they were set up in carpet or sofa, human body voltage higher than more than 10,000 volts, and rubber and plastic industry was as high as more than 100,000 volts of static electricity. Here we look at.
1. electrostatic effect on chip production. Wafer production plant requires clean, dust and electrostatic adsorption, need only a little in the production of fine grains of dust can cause a chip circuit effects, but also interfere with the RF, seriously affecting production efficiency.
2. the impact of integrated circuits stressed with ESD. Static electricity can cause short circuits, static discharge when, clicking through the oxide layer produced by shorting. Generate static electricity when the metal melting layer lines open. When you generate static electricity at a higher temperature will change the semiconductor properties of normal functioning. Static electricity also would have to lose to inherit the circuit, the factory examination may be normal, but failure occurs during use.
Static electricity hazards are obvious, now more and more manufacturers have implemented varying degrees of anti-static measures and projects. However, to recognize that effective ESD projects according to different enterprises and different realities of job objects, formulate corresponding strategies. Anti-static measures should be systematic, comprehensive, otherwise may lead to duplication or even destructive reaction.