The Use Of ESD Flooring Room In Many Advantages

  The use of ESD Flooring room in many advantages

  We all know that the computer room, electrostatic phenomenon is very serious, in order to solve this problem, so ESD Flooring has become the first choice of the room, can the room use ESD Flooring what is the benefit? Below ESD Flooring small plait to tell you!

  1, the use of ESD Flooring room, not only the installation of simple, but also convenient equipment room in the ESD Flooring of the electrical connection, not only to protect the wire and cable is not damaged, but also beautiful room environment.

  2, the use of ESD Flooring room, you can make full use of space under the floor as air-conditioning static pressure fan, so no matter where the computer equipment installed in the air can be obtained air-conditioning.

  3, the use of ESD Flooring room, can greatly reduce the electrostatic phenomenon of the machine room harm to the human body, so that ESD Flooring with what is favored by the computer room.

  4, the use of ESD Flooring room, not only for the computer equipment at the bottom of the maintenance, but also to eliminate the exposure of the cable to the human body harm.

  5, the use of ESD Flooring room can be very good to eliminate the surface roughness, thus ensuring the overall level of the ground.