Veneer Replacement Reasons

Veneer replacement reasons
After long-term use of flooring, veneer color, fall off, to life. But room floor the service life of parts are not the same, especially the metal floor (steel, aluminium floor the floor) substrate several times longer lifetime than veneers, choose to throw away is a big waste.
Veneer damage causes:
Floor substrates and different veneers expansion coefficient, temperature veneers last crack
Room temperature and humidity changes too much, do not meet the specification for room use
Veneer and flooring adhesive failed and veneer thick enough (more common in low-grade steel)
Too many officers of the engine room, some of the space the floor overload
Veneer application again:
Aluminum floor, high-grade steel floor
Replace the veneer selection:
General/wear-resistant HPL veneer (melamine veneer), common import new PVC PVC veneer, veneer, veneer anti-static tiles, marble veneer, veneer, veneer customers.