Vinyl Flooring Performance Has Several Major Characteristics

New generation of vinyl flooring: does not appear Material shrinkage height Dimensional stability: does not appear as a wooden floor due to moisture caused by the size of the change, 35 ° C below the heat induced size change is minimal, due to the shape of the panel Stability is very high, especially easy to lay.

1. Selection of high-quality liquid epoxy resin, advanced reactive diluent and modified alicyclic amine curing agent as a film-forming material using imported general color matching; filling fine materials selection of high-purity corundum powder, good wear resistance, Injury performance is good; fill the aggregate selection of high-precision British sand, emery, corundum sand aggregate, particles uniform, high mechanical strength.

2. Products for the A component (paint), B combination (curing agent), C component (ossification) three components packaging, on-site cooperation, easy construction;

3. The whole system is solvent-free, large area seamless construction, a guide construction thickness from 2-5mm can be, the construction time is greatly reduced; site sand layer and self-leveling layer of a molding, multi-layer construction to a construction, high;

4. Good impact resistance, good chemical resistance, but also has good resistance to UV performance (surface can cover a layer of aliphatic polyurethane varnish);

5. System surface can be made according to the needs of smooth or anti-skid effect, mercerizing or matte can be;

6. System life is long, the topcoat can be maintained regularly, not easy to foam vinyl grease preservative floor.

The vinyl grease preservative flooring has the above six characteristics, which are enough to outline its advantages.

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