What Are The Advantages Of Anti-static Floor?

What are the advantages of anti-static floor?

1. Simplify the installation and provide greater flexibility for the change and expansion of equipment configuration in the future.

2, the equipment in the computer room can be under the anti-static floor for free electrical connection, easy to lay and maintenance, make the room clean and beautiful.

3, it can protect all kinds of cables, wires, data lines and sockets, so that they are not damaged.

4, the room can use the space under the floor as the air conditioning static pressure air reservoir, to obtain a satisfactory air flow organization. No matter where the computer equipment is installed, the air from the air conditioner can be obtained through the air outlet of the anti-static floor.

5, conducive to the maintenance and maintenance of the bottom of the equipment.

6. Eliminate the harm of cable exposure to the human body.

7, you can use anti-static floor adjustable, eliminate the ground roughness, to ensure the overall level of the machine room ground.

8. The electrostatic charge can be leaked to the earth and reflected electromagnetic radiation.

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