What Are The Advantages Of PVC Flooring In Kindergarten Construction?

  What are the advantages of PVC flooring in kindergarten construction?

  PVC flooring as a "light body" building floor materials, the scope of application throughout the various areas, whether it is business systems, education systems or medical systems, PVC flooring has a wide range of applications. In the education system, PVC with a better than the ordinary floor of the building features are widely used by schools, especially kindergartens. So, PVC floor used in kindergarten building which have the advantage?

  There is a child where there is noisy, this sentence is still some truth. Kindergarten because of the children too much, the activities of the sound is relatively large, for the residents of residential buildings around the commercial life and commercial office workers have a certain impact. PVC flooring because there are other ordinary flooring does not have the super sound effect, so do not worry about the child noisy problem. In addition to a sound-absorbing effect, kindergarten PVC floor of the anti-noise advantage is also very obvious. When there are high heels on the floor, the ordinary floor because there is no anti-noise function, so the high heels step on the voice of the prominent is very obvious. But the PVC floor, it has a completely different performance, it can effectively absorb the sound of high heels and ground percussion. When the children have been safe to sleep, they no longer worry because the high heels disturb the child's dream.

  In addition, happy children always like to contact with the bacteria toys, prefer to have a bacteria in the floor above to explore their own small world. Kindergarten PVC floor surface because of special antibacterial treatment, so itself is no bacteria, even if the late use of careless paste on the bacteria, clean up is also very simple. Some good kindergarten PVC floor is also very intimate increase of antibacterial agents, can effectively kill bacteria inhibit bacterial growth, protect children's health