What Is The Difference Between An ESD Flooring And A Network Floor?

What is the difference between an ESD Flooring and a network floor?

Whether it is ESD Flooring or network floor, which belongs to the common type of floor, are generally due to the need for anti-static place, but the ESD Flooring and the network floor and there are essentially different, and this is mainly reflected in the three major aspect.

ESD Flooring and network floor space for the use of different:

1, the network floor is generally used in: 5A-class intelligent buildings, Grade A office space, OA office, large office, there are integrated wiring requirements of the office and other occasions;

2, ESD Flooring is generally used in the computer room, program-controlled switch room, control room, electronic room, computer center, electronic reading room, anti-static clean plant.

ESD Flooring and network floor structure is different:

1, the network floor for the bare board, composed of: floor, bracket.

2, ESD Flooring for the surface paste anti-static veneer, composed of: floor, bracket, beam.

ESD Flooringing is different from the surface material of the network floor:

1, the network floor after the installation of the surface paste box carpet or magnetic PVC.

2, ESD Flooring surface directly paste HPL anti-static veneer.

And because the ESD Flooring and the same function of the network floor, but their processing technology is different, the market price is different, it is recommended that the majority of consumers in the purchase process is best based on their actual needs of the product The choice and purchase.