What Kinds Of Electrostatic Flooring Are There

What kinds of ESD Flooring are there?

1. Steel ESD Flooring

Steel electrostatic floor is made of all steel. The upper plate is made of hard steel plate and the lower plate is tensile steel plate. Large bearing capacity, good interchangeability, decorative effect is very good, it has waterproof, fire protection, anti-static effect, the price is generally acceptable to consumers.

2, ceramic electrostatic floor

The surface is made of wear-resistant and antistatic ceramic tiles, and is made of conductive adhesive tape around the edges. Many colors, seams are very fine, giving a very high-grade feeling, will not have any wear and tear, high load-bearing, use time longer than other floors.

3, composite electrostatic floor

Composite electrostatic floor technology is mature, with good interchangeability and affordable price. It is based on particleboard or cement inorganic board base, which selects various surface materials on the surface.

4, network electrostatic floor

Using all steel structure, the steel plate shell formed by drawing and welding with good steel plate is filled with foamed cement in the cavity and cured by drying. The surface of the flooring is treated by phosphating and spraying, which is corrosion resistant and scratch resistant. The surface should be carpeted or decorated with PVC sheets. This looks more beautiful.

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