Why In Manufacturing Anti-static

Electrostatic phenomena exist, preventing electrostatic damage means there are only two components: on the one hand, from the components on the design and manufacture of antistatic design and process optimization, on the classic protective measures are taken, the device during manufacture, transport and use in the process, to avoid damage from static electricity. We use as a component, but to take the latter approach to prevent or reduce static electricity damage to components.
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Why take anti-static measures during the manufacturing process?  

1. most of the electronic components is electrostatically sensitive devices
Electrostatic discharge protection measures taken by most components have low sensitivity, many hundreds of volts or less, and most of the single pipe can not increase the protection circuit, such as diodes. Circuit protection circuit, but only 2000~4000 volts, but in the actual voltage may reach tens of thousands of volts of static electricity in the environment. So we said, the vast majority of components is electrostatically sensitive devices, need to be taken in the process of manufacture, transport and use of ESD protective measures.
2. electrostatic damage being inflicted on the electronics industry a lot
Electronic industries such as microelectronics and optoelectronics, manufacture and use of manufacturers to loss and damage due to static electricity is quite serious. Under the United States reported that their electronic industries, due to the influence of ES, an annual loss of $ 5 billion, according to the Japan statistics, they will not be 45% of electronic components is caused by static electricity; China's annual losses due to electrostatic hazards at least tens of millions of. United States news for 1993 from the manufacturers, semiconductor reliability test and use scene 3400 case statistics, as can be seen, failure caused by EOS/ESD 20%.
3. electrostatic potential damage electronic components
Potential injury a serious threat to the life and reliability of the device, and can be tested for by means of selected, is dangerous.