Why Wear Ground Flooring Needs To Be Solid To Deal With It?

Because wear to ping makes original of concrete surface hardness improve has, while reduced has dust, but its real also is high label color cement and different level of quartz sand mixed of product, its nature also is cement products, so, wear to ping will occurred up sand, and up gray of phenomenon, this not only increased enterprise of maintenance cost, also will effect workshop of work and products of quality.
To this end, wear-resistant floor needs to be solid. Wear-resistant floor curing can cause pores to become dense and complex chemical reaction end products can clog pore, sealing concrete structure, improvement of strength improvement of surface hardness, density improvement of impermeability of the increase. Path of the reduce water flow, reducing the intrusion of harmful substances, so as to greatly enhance the chemical resistance of concrete erosion. So, wear-resistant floor curing can bring lasting seals, robust, wear-resistant, dust-free concrete surface.
Therefore, wear-resistant floor needs to be solid, extending the life of floor to protect concrete structures from erosion, allowing organizations with no maintenance cost and maintenance cost. More importantly wear-resistant floor curing of surface hardness of granite 9, this hardness of stand trailers rolled for a long time, 30 years of dust-sand, good pressure resistance, moisture resistance and other performance, high cost performance.